Why close my eyes, i'd rather sleep when i'm gone

You shout it loud But i can’t hear a word you say

I am bullet proof, nothing to lose
Fire away fire away
Brick of shame, take your rain
Fire away fire away
You shoot me down, but I won’t fall
I am titanium

when the sun goes down


You plus me puts the world in a casket

direct me to the floor and turn it up some more


1. orginalet: drake
2. remix-cover: jojo
"i dont know WHO DA FUCK marvin is but he about to get evicted wit all these damn ppl in his house NETALONG HIS DAMN ROOM! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. TEYANA, CHRIS, AND JOJO...THATS IT! NO MORE PPL INVITED! PARTY OVER!"

ti amo

sucka 4 love

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